December 6, 2017

Where to find verified aluminum slugs supplier

Aluminum slugs maybe the smallest product compared to other aluminum alloy product. But is has big effect and wide application. The demand for aluminum slugs is increasing recent years, for the properties of aluminum alloy and the excellent performance. To find verified aluminum slugs suppliers become the top problems for people who want to purchase aluminum slugs product. Verified manufacturers can supply qualified product and professional service, which no doubt will save a lot of cost and time. Now it my turn to introduce our Haomei Aluminum as your best aluminum slugs supplier.

aluminum slugs suppliers

We Haomei Aluminum supply aluminum alloy product with high quality standard, we have one 850 ton extrusion production line and one continuous rotary casting line. Haomei aluminum slugs are widely used in food packing, household chemicals packing and other impact extrusion field. Mainly application field can be divided in: Aluminum collapsible tube, Household chemicals, Aerosol can and beverage bottle, Electric industry, Automotive part industry. We are outstanding aluminum slugs supplier enterprise in China, with more than 20 years experience, Haomei have export products to over 30 countries all over the world! High quality and fast delivery is the key point of our service, cooperate with more customers is our goal, if you have any need, welcome to get the newest quote!

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