June 22, 2018

Aluminum slug for pharmaceutical tube

Aluminum pharmaceutical tube use aluminum slugs as the raw material, the manufacturing process flow is aluminum slug-punching-modification-annealing-internal spraying-priming-printing-upper covering-tail glue. The aluminum slug used for processing pharmaceutical tube is 1070 aluminum alloy, so we called it as 1070 aluminum slug for pharmaceutical tube. The aluminum pharmaceutical tube is an indispensable part of the pharmaceutical packaging. Only selecting the proper packaging materials and methods can effectively ensure the quality and the safety of the medicine. Aluminum slugs does not rust, its oxide is non-toxic, has good light-shielding property, excellent moisture and gas barrier property, good processing performance, no resilience, high thermal conductivity, good ductility, tightness, and with full protection of medicine, the aluminum tube is formed by extrusion and is not easy to leak, and the waste can be completely recycled.

aluminum slug for pharmaceutical tube

Aluminum slug for pharmaceutical tube as a pharmaceutical packaging has effectiveness, safety, stability, uniformity, tightness, and no pollution. The aluminum tube with internal spraying does not react with the packaged drug, does not absorb the drug, and does not change the drug performance. In addition, aluminum tube also has a certain strength, heat and cold resistance, light weight, dark, easy to clean, easy to sterilize and disinfect. Therefore, the aluminum tube is used for pharmaceutical ointment, cream and gel packaging, it is an attractive container, it is easy to control the dose, has a good repetitive sealing characteristics, and has a full protection of the product. 1070 aluminum slugs pharmaceutical tube also have features such as ease of use, storage, transportation, environmental protection, durability, aesthetics, and ease of identification. In addition, he has a simple manufacturing process and is not easily broken, which is very suitable for modern high-speed automatic operation filling.

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