January 16, 2024

Aluminum Slugs For Lipstick Tubes

Aluminum slugs for lipstick tubes are a type of product made from aluminum material and are usually used to make packaging tubes for lipsticks. These aluminum slugs usually have high hardness and light weight, which can provide good protection and carrying convenience. Aluminum slugs made by Haomei Aluminum is not only used in lipsticks tubes, cosmetic cream tubes, toothpaste tubes, but also used for aerosol cans for pharmaceutical industry.


The main material used to make aluminum slugs for lipstick tubes is pure aluminum or aluminum alloy 1060 and 1070, which is processed into aluminum slugs of different sizes and thicknesses through stamping and stretching processes. Aluminum slugs material has good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and ductility, which can meet the various requirements of lipstick tube production.

aluminum slugs for lipstick tubes

Lipstick tube made from aluminum slugs is characterized by beautiful appearance, lightweight and durability. It can effectively protect the lipsticks from the external environment and maintain the quality and durability of the lipsticks. At the same time, the lightweight and strong aluminum tubes is also convenient for consumers to carry and use.


In the production of aluminium slugs for lipstick tubes, the following points need to be noted: firstly, we should choose suitable aluminum material to ensure that it has good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and food safety; secondly, we should adopt high-precision processing equipment and technology to ensure the size and shape accuracy of the product; finally, we should strengthen the hygiene management of the production environment to ensure the cleanliness and sterility of the product.


In conclusion, aluminum slugs for lipstick tubes is a kind of aluminum cosmetic packaging material with good protection, lightweight and durability, which is widely used in the packaging field of lipstick and other cosmetics. Haomei Aluminum’s aluminium slugs are welcomed on the market, if you are interested, please contact us now!

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