December 15, 2017

What factors can affect the aluminium slugs price

As a matter of fact, aluminum products are the develop trend in many industries. For making cosmetic cans or bottles, the texture, the quality, the luster, the appearance are all have strict requirements. Thus, aluminum slugs are the ideal material of processing cosmetic cans and bottles. Besides the great appearance, aluminum slugs are relatively cheap, which no doubt will save a lot of cost for manufacturer of cosmetic packing. While, people may find that the price of aluminum slugs is often changes, so the suppliers often give the newest quotation. Then may confused why the aluminium slugs price varies, what’s the factors that affect the aluminium slugs price?

aluminum slugs price

The first factor must be the price of alumina, as we all know that the alumina is the raw material of making all aluminum products, so alumina price must be the first considered. In the world wide, many people may place order when they find the price of alumina is lower, that;s quite a good choice. The second one is the trade policy, aluminum products import and export is an important part of international trade. The trade policy changes of some countries affect the market and price most, so pay attention to the policy is a good way to avoid lost. The last one, we said aluminum stock, when the factory have enough aluminum stock, the price will be lower, while the stock is in short, the price will rise a little, that may considered as the relationship of supply and demand, if the supply is higher than demand, the price decrease, if the supply is lower than the demand ,the price will rise. All in all, if you want to take order in low aluminum slugs price, you can follow these three aspects. If you want to know the newest price, please contact us immediately!

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