January 9, 2018

The aluminum slugs manufacturing process

On the one hand, there are many clients ask for aluminum slugs price of our Haomei Aluminum, and we have exported more than 10000 tons of aluminum slugs all over the world, most of the aluminum slugs are applied into packaging, electric, cosmetic, beverage, auto and other industries. On the other hand, there are many friends interested in this kind of product, especially about the aluminum slugs manufacturing process. The whole progress is very complete in our factory and every step are controlled and checked strictly.

aluminum slugs manufacturing

Firstly, we received the quotation order from our clients, they may give the specification, drawing to us, what’s more, some customers can give us the sample they need. Then, we produced some sample according to the requirement and send it to customers for testing. After the sample pass the test, the aluminum slugs manufacturing process is starting, we prepared the aluminum coil which meet the grade, the temper, the thickness, then the shape and diameter are set according to the demands of our clients, then the nest step is punching through the punching machine. After punching, the final aluminum slugs are produced. Then we package the products by box or bags and deliver to our customers. During the processing, the thickness and shape are examined by screening machine and manually to ensure there is no bad products. High quality and short processing period is guaranteed by advanced machine, good reputation is made by our hard working, need aluminum slugs for sale, please visit our website and contact us!

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