June 11, 2019

Aluminum slug for collapsible tube 1070

1070 aluminum slug for collapsible tube is used for processing aluminum tube for medicine, cosmetics, toothpaste and other paste cream filling. Aluminum collapsible tube is a common packaging material stamped from aluminum slugs, which is widely used in cosmetics, toothpaste, hand cream, adhesive and ointment packaging.

aluminum slug for collapsible tube

1070 aluminum slug is the common used raw material for processing tubes, it is pure aluminum of 1000 series, the aluminum content is more than 97%, the product process is cold-punching, the product uses for cosmetics, daily necessities, capacitors, etc. The product features are high plasticity, has high corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. The specification of aluminum slugs for tubes are:
Diameter: 6mm-220mm
Thickness: 2mm-25mm
Shape: flat, domed, conical domed, spherical, round, column, quadratic, oval, rectangular, preform.


The product advantages of 1070 aluminum slug for collapsible tube are:
First of all, the aluminum collapsible tube is used as a packaging material. The material is not easy to be broken, it is easy to transport and store, and the visual texture is also high. It has stronger protection than the plastic tube.

Second, the aluminum tube itself has better moisture and gas barrier properties, which can effectively isolate moisture, oxygen, etc. in the air, and avoid contamination or corrosion of the product during circulation and storage. In particular, the aluminum tube tightening lid can help to extended the store period of time, which is quite practical and environmentally friendly.

Third, an aluminum collapsible tube processed by 1070 aluminium slugs with an internal coating added enhances air tightness and prevents chemical reactions between the goods and the aluminum metal. In addition, if bring a layer of tail glue, the sealing of the aluminium tube is even better!

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